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Current Listings

2517 Frankel, Lakewood, CA
3403 Arbor, Lakewood, CA
5 Chapparal Lane, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Sold Listings

#302 1250 E Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA
10 Atlantic Avenue #209, Long Beach, CA
140 Linden #357, Long Beach, CA
1421 E Silva, Long Beach, CA
222 Kennebec, Long Beach, CA
2299 Legion #204, Signal Hill, CA
2409 Daneland, Lakewood, CA
2513 Dashwood, Lakewood, CA
2513 Hardwick, Lakewood, CA
2765 East 1st Street, Long Beach, CA
2834 Freckles, Lakewood, CA
2834 Freckles, Lakewood, CA
2925 E 6th Stree 2925, Long Beach, CA
3072 Greenbrier, Long Beach, CA
315 W Third, Long Beach, CA
319 835 835 Locust, Long Beach, CA
3233 Silva Street, Lakewood, CA
3280 W Orange, Anaheim, CA
3530 Monica 3530, Long Beach, California
3719 Fairman, Lakewood, CA
3823 Petaluma, Long Beach, CA
3840 Stearns, Long Beach, CA
4403 Greenbrier, Long Beach, CA
4457 Greenbrier, Long Beach, CA
4639 Pimenta Avenue, Lakewood, CA
4728 Sunfield Ave, Long Beach, CA
482 Morningside, Long Beach, CA
4823 Hayter, Lakewood, CA
4929 Hersholt, Lakewood, CA
5032 Premiere, Lakewood, CA
5243 Verdura, Lakewood, CA
5534 Coldbrook, Lakewood, CA
555 Maine, #111, Long Beach, CA
5572 Elm Avenue, Long Beach, CA
5929 Adenmoor, Lakewood, CA
6063 Amos, Lakewood, CA
6108 Amos, Lakewood, CA
6123 Hersholt, Lakewood, CA
6218 Eckleson 6218 Eckleson, Lakewood, CA
700 Ocean Blvd. 2106, Long Beach, CA
815 Pacific, Long Beach, CA
Long Beach/Lakewood, CA

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